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Work with us

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  • Dallara work with us


Work with Us

Thanks to our “internal school,” we believe that we can train young people technically and develop their potential while allowing the company to grow along with them.

We believe in young people and in their ability to think of new things because they are free from constraints. We offer career opportunities and internships to graduates and undergraduates, especially engineers, from Italian universities and from the rest of the world. We also give specialized training to high school graduates, thanks to qualification courses held in the area, offering them the opportunity to become skilled technicians.
We believe in professionals and in their mastery. We are looking for people who are able to transfer their experiences and knowledge obtained from earlier on.

An Exclusive Training

Dallara is convinced that it can provide an exclusive training to those who have a passion for innovation, techniques and cars.

Our technicians have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects related to the automotive world:

- Development projects for both Dallara and external customer cars
- Racecar projects and high-performance road car projects
- "Open wheel" car projects and “covered wheel” car projects

Furthermore, although we specialize in a technical area, Dallara presents the opportunity to see projects in their entirety. Collaborating across different departments allows us to produce quality products and services while navigating time and cost restraints. This collaboration creates true value for our customers.

The Selection

To follow business strategies and to better support our customers’ needs, Dallara’s recruiting staff favors technical people who can to operate in the four main areas of expertise that characterize our organizational structure:

- Design using composite materials
- Aerodynamics, both numerical and experimental
- Vehicle dynamics, simulation, and testing
- Prototype production of a vehicle and/or components

Technical knowledge is important, but it is not everything. At Dallara, we focus mainly on the person. One of our guiding principles is to “create the professional starting from the man,” meaning that we look for the right resource in terms of aspirations, aptitudes and relational skills. We hire for attitude and train for skills. Our selections are based on a person’s aptitudes and natural abilities; from here, we invest in training and growth pathways to develop and define expertise.

A company is innovative only if the people who work there are innovative!

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