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Dallara’s earliest headquarters was built in the small town of Varano de’ Melegari in 1972, the year the company was founded. It was constructed behind Giampaolo Dallara’s house, between the church and the football field, where the sound of bells echoed off the Apennines. A small bridge separated it from the racetrack.

The office was very small; it housed only a few trusted employees. Despite the humble size of Dallara’s headquarters, in the mid 1980’s, it had one of the very first computers with CAD/CDM technology.

In 1984, the first wind tunnel was built next to the headquarters. This piece of machinery was equipped with a moving floor and modelling department: 100 m² in total.

The move to a much larger building, just outside Varano, on via Provinciale, took place in 1991. Everything in the office was moved with “the company vehicle:" an Autobianchi A112 that was left to Dallara from his mother. This new 3500 m² building is still home to most of the company's offices and production areas.

In 1995, a second tunnel was built near the main office, in a building of about 900 m². This building would also house the offices and modelling department.

In 1999, for the F1 Honda project, a special area of 1000 m² was built adjacent to the second tunnel. Today, this area houses the consulting offices for road vehicles.

In 2007, the third wind tunnel was made in a building of about 3000 m². This building would also house the modelling department, offices for all the aerodynamic tasks, and a conference room.

The latest addition is the simulator, inaugurated in 2010, housed in a building of 600 m² located next to the wind tunnel building.

In 2012, Dallara opened an engineering center in Indianapolis, Indiana: the Dallara IndyCar Factory. The Dallara IndyCar Factory is a center for research and development, driven by the concept of "Edutainment:" stimulating passion for technology and innovation, through a fun and exciting experience.

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