Driving Simulator
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Driving Simulator

  • Driving Simulator


  • Driving Simulator


  • Driving Simulator


Dallara’s continuous investment in cutting-edge technology peaked with the construction of the first and only high-performance professional driving simulator. This advanced tool is currently the only one available on the market. The simulator provides engineers, teams and drivers the opportunity to test and develop the whole car setup and data analysis systems, to optimize driving skills and to learn new tracks.

Driver Training

The Dallara simulator offers a unique learning experience that allows a driver to drive the same monocoque used on the track, with the same controls (pedals, brakes, dashboard) and the same level of feedback (steering and brake effort). Wearing a helmet is mandatory, as well as gloves, shoes and race suit.

The advanced system of complete track simulation, obtained by high-accuracy laser scanning combined with a sophisticated multi-body model, allows for the replication of real car behavior with unprecedented accuracy. The driver has the opportunity to learn not only the speed with which he must take a curve, but he can also come to understand every other aspect of track. Thanks to laser scanning and data processing technology, the simulator replicates the roughness of the terrain, down to every bump and curve.

All Dallara cars are available for simulation, from Formula 3 to IndyCar. There are over 30 tracks available and this number is steadily increasing.

Set-up Definition

In the simulator, drivers can change any car configuration parameter to meet their needs. Unlike testing on the track, the simulator allows for drivers to test these changes in a controlled environment. The thermal model of the tire allows for the adjustment of tire wear, track characteristics, and weather conditions.

Thus, drivers can prepare for both the qualifying stages and the race. All changes can be imposed immediately via the user interface developed by Dallara. This interface was designed to be user-friendly, to ensure data security and to maximize implementation speed.

Data Analysis

The simulator allows users to analyze the same data channels of a real car, with even greater precision, given the absence of noise in the signal and of errors during tool calibration. The accuracy of the mathematical model has been carefully validated by professional drivers in several categories.

It is also possible to access a series of channels normally impossible to obtain on a real car (e.g., the exertion on the tires). This allows for a more detailed and careful analysis of vehicle behavior.


 "You forget that you are in a simulator [...] you think you are on a real track."
 - Tony Kanaan, IndyCar 2004 champion
"The simulator helped me to improve my driving style."
 - Bertrand Baguette, IZOD IndyCar driver

"It goes beyond all expectations."
 - Ben Hanley, official test driver for Pirelli

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