Our values represent and guide us.

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"A "galantuomo" who is willing to do his job and willing to learn. " Giampaolo Dallara

A community that invests every day in a sustainable way for a better future and gives support, security and solidarity to its people, its families and its territory with appreciation and gratitude.




We want to do our job well and with passion, determination and competence, embracing failure, sharing knowledge and overcoming difficulties with resilience, knowing that the greatest danger is to believe that you know.


We believe in keeping our word, in respecting each other and the promises made; we want to develop bonds based on honesty, trust and the earnestness of human relationships.


We want to do better what we have always done with promptness, enthusiasm and love for knowledge, challenging what exists
in new and adaptable ways, with the continued willingness to learn.



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