The Dallara IndyCar Factory opened its doors in 2012 and was established as a joint venture between the Dallara Group and IndyCar Experience in Speedway, Indiana.

The Dallara IndyCar Factory is an interactive museum that is home to an edutainment center, where visitors can learn more about the history of the Dallara Group, discover the process of creating and assembling an IndyCar, and visit the workshop where every Dallara IndyCar is either built or assembled. Throughout the Factory visitors can get a behind the scenes look at some of the major accomplishments that Dallara USA has been a part of through the years.

A visit to the Dallara IndyCar Factory is a great opportunity to get a hands-on feel the IndyCar itself. It is also possible to enjoy a ride in a street-legal, two-seater IndyCar around the streets of Speedway!

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