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Dallara has been the exclusive supplier of SF14 cars for the Japanese Superformula championship since 2014. In 2023 Dallara introduced a completely renewed SF23 model, which guarantees truly excellent performance and very similar to the FIA F1. As a result of the increasing level of competition within the Super Formula championship year after year, many young drivers in this category have landed directly in F1 (Stoffel Vandoorne and Pierre Gasly).

For the 2023 season, the collaboration between Dallara and Super Formula has given birth to the new "SF23", a car created to be Carbon-Neutral and have a significantly improved entertainment value.

Dallara developed the car focusing on three themes in particular:

  • Styling: The body style was developed from scratch, bringing the look of the car up to date
  • Aerodynamic development: aimed at improving overtaking issues and making the championship spectacular
  • Sustainability: through the use of recycled materials and natural fibers. Materials derived from flax fiber, cork and recycled carbon fiber have been used for the bodywork components.