Corporate Values

A company is innovative only if its people can operate in a structure in which there is space to think, to try, and to make mistakes. Innovation is intuition, but also organization and strategy. At Dallara, we apply both aspects of this definition.

We believe in young people and in their ability to think of new ideas, thanks to their unconventional views. We hire newly graduates, especially engineers, not only from Italian universities, but from universities all over the world.
We believe that we have an “internal school” at Dallara, in which our young staff can work on exciting projects and products from every angle. This exclusive training is made possible by the skills and experience of colleagues who have joined the company over the last 40 years.

This continuous training is the key factor in motivating our people to improve their technical knowledge and enhance their aptitudes and skills. We also hire young people with high-school diplomas, to whom we give specialized training to become skilled technicians. This is made possible by qualification courses held in the area.

In the Dallara team we pursue Results and Excellence, with Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Ethics, giving value to Relationships and the Network.