Dallara Compositi is vertically integrated to provide the entire process of design, industrialization, prototyping and production to its customers.
The possibility of offering the entire production process without the needs to depend on external supplies, allows us to operate with the utmost confidentiality by being able to monitor the entire process.
Machines, plant and equipment are state of the art in order to provide technological solutions and processes to meet every need from Industry to Formula 1.


Our technicians are able to support the customer since the design of the composite component
The integrated process can start with the design of a single component, up to the design of all the equipment necessary for whole production process, from pattern & moulds to bonding, machining and inspection jigs.

CAD tools used depending on customer requirements, are:
• PTC Creo
• Catia V5 (with Composite Manufacturing Suite)
• Laminate tools

CAM is performed through:
• Hypermill
• Auton




  • 5-axis milling JOBS Jomach machine (4500x2700x1250 mm);
  • 5-axis milling Belotti MDL machine (4800x3000x1500mm);
  • 3-axis milling FIL machine (2000x1000x800mm);
  • 5-axis milling System Robot machine (2000x1200x1000mm);
  • 1 lathe Ursus Plus 250;
  • 1 5-axis milling FPT Dinomax machine, (4000x3200x1500mm);
  • 5-axis milling machine, twin shuttle Belotti FLA (6500x3200x1300mm).




This wide experience enables our Company to offer the best value proposition for any customer requirements. Prototyping often means manufacturing a product that needs to be tested in a very short time. On this purpose Dallara Compositi can deliver an important plus , driving design and industrialization so as to get the product to the mass-production phase without major changes. Furthermore, the close cooperation with leading players of composite materials is an added value that we are eager to spend at our customers' advantage.


  • 3 ply cutting plotters,
  • 6 autoclaves
  • 1250 square meters of Clean Rooms for hand lay-up and bonding, including an ISO8 clean room
  • 3 cold rooms @ -18 ° C
  • 5 ovens.



Quality Control

  • 1 CMM Coord3
  • 1 Rohmer Absolute Arm with laser scan
  •  1 DEA Alpha 2500x5000x1800 mm