Dallara Stradale & Dallara EXP IR8 Tribute

A journey to the speedy heart of America

To speak of Indianapolis means to enter into a magical atmosphere of auto racing comprised of history, extreme speed, competitiveness, adrenaline and pure spectacle. The Indianapolis 500 is an institution, a traditional American symbol that always takes place, on the eve of Memorial Day. In 1998 a story came to life in the world’s most famous race with: a driver who had reached the 40-year mark and wanted to fully crown his career, and a race car manufacturer from Italy’s Emilia region. 
This is the story of Eddie Cheever’s victory at the Indianapolis 500 and the story of Dallara’s first victory at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the Dallara IR8.

Twenty-five years after that extraordinary event, the company based in Varano de’ Melegari decided to present an “All-American” package featuring a limited-edition version of the Dallara Stradale and the Dallara EXP dedicated to this memorable victory, along with a full immersion for customers into the world of the Indy 500.

In this experience, participants will have the chance to feel like Americans for an entire weekend thanks to a packed schedule of adrenaline-fueled motorsports activities.

To pay a tribute to the iconic Dallara IR8 car, a new celebratory livery has been designed for the Dallara Stradale and Dallara EXP in collaboration with the BorromeodeSilva design studio, inspired by the lines and colors of the single-seater racing car in which Eddie Cheever crossed the finish line of the Indy 500 twenty-five years ago. 

The total production of the Dallara Stradale and Dallara EXP with the new livery is limited to 25 units, the number of years that have passed since the first victory. 

But the most important news can be found under the bodywork of the Dallara Stradale. For 2023, the “IR8 tribute” will debut major technical upgrades aimed at increasing the car’s already extraordinary performance. All the Dallara Stradale ordered from 2023 will be equipped with the new AMT robotized gearbox system derived from the Dallara EXP version, to benefit from shift times cut in half and greater acoustic and dynamic comfort in all situations. The all-new braking system improves modularity and consistency of braking on both the road and the track. Finally, the new intercooler, with F1 radiant masses, makes it possible to discharge all engine power to the ground even on the hottest days. Each of these upgrades is the result of months and miles of track development with the Dallara EXP combined with the latest knowledge gained in Dallara endurance cars.