GT Simulator Program

Finding a simulator to perfectly replicate what you feel and experience at a track on race day is not an easy thing to do. Finding one that has been developed from an aerospace, F1 standard, for a reasonable price is even harder. At Dallara USA in Speedway, Indiana, a new simulator program has been developed for the average racer and enthusiast to enjoy just that.

With Dallara’s renowned accomplishments in the automotive and racing industry all over the world, from IndyCar to Formula 1 and Le Mans Prototypes, to the design and manufacturing of the Bugatti Chiron, this simulation tool has aided drivers to multiple championships and wins, along with supporting the development of several multi-million dollar cars.

In this simulator, you drive the exact same, if not very similar, monocoque that you pilot in the real world and are able to push the envelope of performance with absolutely no risk at all. Precise proprietary laser-scan processing technology allows for you to feel low (downhill, uphill, banking) and high (roughness, kerbs) frequencies of over 85 race tracks throughout the world. With the affordable GT program that Dallara is now offering, you can spend a day at the Dallara IndyCar factory and drive a generic GT monocoque and have the ability to choose a set-up model from a Porsche Cayman Club Sport, Porsche 911 Cup Car, Ferrari 458 Challenge Car, and many more handling set ups at the flick of a switch. Tyre models, downforce options, and other set-up features can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Contingent upon the amount of drivers, one full simulator session typically consists of an 8-10-hour day at the Dallara IndyCar Factory, with lunch being provided. With two drivers, you can expect each person to get somewhere between three and four hours of actual driving time, four drivers – around an hour and a half to two hours, and with the maximum allowed, six – anywhere between one and one and a half hours. Pricing options vary depending upon the number of sessions booked at one time. For instance, a GT session cost will run anywhere in between $5,000 and $7,000. Compare these prices to the $12,000 and $15,000 cost of Dallara’s IndyCar and Cadillac DPi programs. With the lower costs, a full day simulator session becomes comparable to that of a typical HPDE, Mazda, or Porsche Cup race weekend, all while mitigating the risk of weather delays, race cancellations, damage from wrecks, and so much more that could happen at a weekend race event, along with the possibility of actually having more “on-track” time.

Because of the amount of tracks Dallara has to offer, you can experience the likes of ones you may never get to drive in real life, like the Nürburgring, Monaco, Spa, and so many more. By having most of the North American circuits, the Dallara simulator also allows for you to fine-tune your driving capabilities and improve your muscle memory of each track.

“The same sensations of a real car.” -  Felipe Nasr (IMSA Prototype Series Champion)