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Since 1993, all Dallara projects have been created by using design tools from the Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), a company based in Needham, Massachusetts (USA). PTC delivers technology solutions that transform the way products and services are created, helping companies achieve a competitive advantage in the services they offer.

In 1998, Dallara signed a technical partnership agreement with the American company. From 3D modelling to the cycle management of product development, the PTC products have enabled Dallara to achieve excellent results.

Indy Racing Experience

Indy Racing Experience is a partner of the IndyCar Factory. IRE is responsible for all the USA branded marketing business, such as the ability to drive a real IndyCar or to do laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a passenger in the IndyCar two-seater. Additionally, customers can ride through the streets of Speedway in a street-legal IndyCar two-seater.

The company is a partner of the Dallara’s edutainment center that allows visitors to learn how an IndyCar is designed in a fun way. Indy Racing Experience also helps to promote the MisterLino restaurant and other Dallara IndyCar Factory Initiatives.   

Concurrent Real-Time

Concurrent Real-Time is one of the main providers of real-time, high-performance computer systems, focusing on the areas of “hardware-in-the-loop” and “man-in-the-loop” simulation, data acquisition, industrial systems and software.

Dallara uses Concurrent Real-Time technology for their real-time hardware based on the “RedHawk Linux” operating system and the “SIMulation Workbench” modelling environment. This technology is used at the research and development center in Parma, specifically for its futuristic professional driving simulator training. The same technology is also used in the Indianapolis driving simulator.

Concurrent technology allows Dallara simulators to reach an unprecedented level of accuracy and realism in driving simulations.


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