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The first ideas in Dallara are conceived on paper and shared among designers in a traditional way. In the start-up phase of a project, nothing expresses creativity better than a freehand sketch. However, immediately after this step, creativity must be supported by something tangible and concrete in order to become a real object.

Dallara was among the first companies to embrace the digital mock-up philosophy. The company can now boast a sound knowledge of 3D CAD, the PTC Creo software used in each phase of the design process, for the mechanics as well as for surface modelling.

The product range offered by PTC is wide and assists designers in each phase. For example, thanks to “Mechanism,” it is possible to check every movement that BMX suspensions make. This high level of sensitivity allows for the most optimal study of a vehicle.

It is evident that Dallara presents an excellent environment for developing ideas. This environment is made possible by the integration of departments, uniformity of language, reduced development time, and the opportunity for designers to participate in a wide range of activities, from the design of mechanical details to the modelling of complex surfaces.

By means of Creo, Dallara can create a 3D integrated model that allows one to understand the technical characteristics and the aesthetics of a car, even before each component is put into production. This process that can be integrated and reinforced, when necessary, with the use of the Dallara simulator, a state of the art driving simulator.

In an increasingly “turbulent” market, this flexibility allows for modifications, developments, and changes to be made in the most efficient way possible, meeting customers' requests rapidly and in a “tailor-made” way.

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