Safety and FIA Center
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Safety and FIA center

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Dallara has always invested in the safety of the its cars by designing and building structures that protect drivers in case of accidents. 

The company has collaborated with many research centers, universities, and crash test laboratories to improve the safety of both the entire car and of the individual parts.

Dallara’s main tasks related to safety are:

• Design, calculation and construction of crash structures that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements
• Setting up and management of static and dynamic tests of racecars in accordance with the motorsport safety regulations, including static tests on the chassis, energy absorbing structures, roll- hoops , crash tests , and impact tests on the steering column
• Setting up and managing the approvals of road vehicles in accordance with the European or American safety regulations
• Implementation of static tests on the whole car or sub-components of the car; Dallara has an FIA certified laboratory to perform static tests on racing cars.
Quality control on safety structures according to the most modern checking techniques (ultrasound, thermography, x-rays) to validate the compliance of the component with the most stringent quality requirements
• Design, calculation, construction and testing of safety structures for the railways, aerospace and energy sectors (wind turbines, etc.)


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