Structural Analysis
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Structural Analysis


  • FEM


Dallara continually invests in structural analysis. Here, the various components of a vehicle – metals, plastics and composites – undergo testing and analysis of various types to test the resistance of these materials.

Through the Finite Element analysis (FEM, Finite Element Method), our structural analysts can successfully simulate both European and American homologated crash tests (front and side crashes, roll hoop crushing). These simulations were brilliantly validated by actual tests.

A part of the structural analysis department is constantly focused on research, which includes studies on the fatigue behavior of carbon components and bonding.

In detail, Dallara’s FEA structural analysis is aimed at:

•     A static and dynamic study of the homologated crash tests on racing cars
•     A static and dynamic study of the homologated crash tests on road cars
•    The design of energy absorption structures
•    The optimization of metallic materials
•    The optimization of composite materials
•    Fatigue dimensioning of the components
•    NVH analysis
•    CFD interaction

Thanks to the use of specialized software, the structural analysis may also send the cutting planes of the skins directly to production, resulting in quick and high-quality production.

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